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Posted By: Snorkelstuff

Another Relocation Post - 01/05/14 03:25 PM

Hello to everyone on the Forum. Iíve been reading (lurking) on the forum for about a year now, and have been researching a Relocation to Ambergris Caye. I see that on the forum lots of people ask about this, and get a fair amount of feedback on what the challenges are so Iíd like to just review them and address them, so that after that, maybe I can find out what Iíve missed, and what some of the solutions are to some of them.

About Us: Married Couple with 2 Cats and an Adventuresome spirit looking to get out of the Cold and enjoy some island time.

Things I already now:

WE CAN NOT WORK. Solution, A modest rental income from the US, Combined with a Modest internet Business. (Savings to make sure we have time to make it work)

The Internet is Expensive (relative) and Slow: I understand that, and Most of my online work is done offline and then uploaded. I also plan to use Virtual Computers in the US.

Gardening is not Really an option: Well good news for me, I havenít been able to keep a house plant alive for a week never mind get fruit from anything!

Ambergris Caye is most expensive place in Belize: Yup, itís also where the Snorkeling is, and the least crime due to itís importance as a tourist destination. So that is the Cost of being there.

Paradise is Relative: Sure everywhere looks better then where you are (itís -20 here today). Iíve lived in a lot of places and am aware that every place has itís up and downs. Paradise is an attitude not a destination.

Visit First: I have granted for only 2 weeks, but we understand what the island is and what it is not. We have visited several other Caribbean destination, and can say for certain the People and the Expats on AC are the friendliest we have encountered anywhere.

Rentals are more profitable as Vacation then Long Term. Yea, I get that, but there are Costs To turnover, and there are benefits to guaranteed income. My approach is to arrive at the beginning of the off season (March / April) for a 6 month lease So guaranteed income for the entire off season. If we can be on island and see it first, the possibility of all upfront exists.


First off, lets start with the simple answer, I donít know what I donít know, so please fill in any blanks.

After that are the specific things I have questions about.

I donít know how to get in touch / coordinate the a place to rent. Iíve sent several emails to Property Managers with little success. My first option is for a moderate priced 1 month rental to get me on island to find the long term rental. I get that a lot of people donít want to wast their time with the dreamers and being on island is pretty good proof of my seriousness to the plan. So Suggestions or recommendations, or best offers to rent, would be incredibly helpful.

About what we are looking for: 1 bdr, Safe, off beach is fine, 1 mile to town, South of the bridge (seems like north of the bridge is far, and harder for walking).

How do I get all my stuff to the Island (all is small probably 5 or 6 suitcases, maybe a large Plastic Container). Tropic Air has a Freight Option, or the Ferry? But we want to fly over on the day of arrival, because we have cats and want to get them out of their carriers as soon as possible, it will be a long day for them. Can we leave the rest of the items with Tropic air for delivery later? are there other services, solutions or ideas on how to deal with this?

Any information about pets / Cats on the island, Again this falls in the Category of we donít know what we donít know.

If you made it all the way to the end of this, I appreciate your time for reading, and would be grateful for any help / information you can provide.

Thanks and Looking forward to a new Adventure:

Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Another Relocation Post - 01/05/14 06:22 PM

Advise that you keep your cats as inside cats. Many critters out there like to eat them. My own cat is a lazy-bones and happy as can be to stay inside and lounge about. Cat litter and food easily obtained in most groceries and at Pampered Paws.

If you want all your stuff and your cats arriving at same time, Tropic Ferry is a pretty good bet. If your cats will relax on a harness/leash you can probably let them out of the crate while in route.

Be sure to get an animal import permit for the cats. Somebody from Saga can probably post how best to get that paperwork done.

Don't know about the rental thing - newspaper seems a good place to start.

You sound ready for the adventure - welcome to the island!

Posted By: Snorkelstuff

Re: Another Relocation Post - 01/05/14 06:34 PM

Thanks Diane!

Our Kitties are lazy indoor kitties already! Good to know that Supplies are readily available. Out of everything that can be stressful and scary about moving to a new country, Worrying about our little friends is top of the list.
Posted By: D&B

Re: Another Relocation Post - 02/02/14 03:00 PM

Has anyone used a pet shipping service to ship their dog back to the USA prior to the owners flying back? Our dog will need to go back before we do, as I think the temperature will be over 85, the airlines said they won't fly the cargo hold pets above that temperature. Any experiences? Suggestions?
Posted By: Phil

Re: Another Relocation Post - 02/02/14 03:19 PM

I thought one of the airlines - United?- flew animals year round as they have an area of the hold that is temperature controlled.
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