Wanting to move to Belize

Posted By: Sara Jaimes

Wanting to move to Belize - 05/17/14 05:10 PM

I am a certified nurse-midwife and my husband is a chef. We want to move to Belize with our 4 children. I would like to teach childbirth classes, doulas, and maybe work/volunteer at local hospitals/clinics to provide care to women. I have so many questions as we begin this awesome journey. My husband is a Mexican citizen. He was deported from the US for working without permission several years ago. How is this going to affect his ability to receive a visa in Belize? Where do we start our paperwork? Do we just show up at the airport with the application? How much money do we need to travel into Belize?
Posted By: ACBum

Re: Wanting to move to Belize - 05/18/14 04:01 PM

Wow, You really are at the starting point. You really need to do some research and not just 'show up' at the airport. First of all if you are planning on living on the island it is expensive ... I do not care what you hear ... I live here and it is not cheap to live. I can not imagine raising 4 kids here ... especially if they are used to things in the U.S. There will be a huge adjustment. Take the time to do a lot of research as you can not just come here and go to work and neither can your husband. Lately when the Government has caught employers employing those not from Belize there were hefty fines involved. Unless you are going to start a business I am afraid that working options are not the greatest ... You will also find that the wages are really low ... good luck in your research and adventure.
Posted By: Jengo48

Re: Wanting to move to Belize - 06/10/14 07:05 PM


I am doing my research about retiring to Belize. I would like to talk one on one with someone like you offline about what I need to know. Is it okay to send you my email. If not are there some retiree groups I can contact .
Once I do , I will come down for a visit
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Re: Wanting to move to Belize - 06/10/14 08:40 PM

Jengo48 you are more than welcome to email me at [email protected] I will do my best to answer the questions that you have that I know and try and point you in the right direction to those that I don't .....
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