Transporter from Miami needed

Posted By: Jem11

Transporter from Miami needed - 07/28/14 09:24 PM

Hi there,

Does anyone know of a transporter from Miami that comes here please?

Thank you in advance

Posted By: Sailorgirl

Re: Transporter from Miami needed - 07/28/14 10:37 PM

Benny Torres at Hyde Shipping can get it to Belize City for you; then you'll need a customs broker to accept it and have it sent over on the barge. His email is [email protected] I'd ask other folks for a customs broker recommendation. I wouldn't recommend the one we used. Good luck!
Posted By: Uncle Buck

Re: Transporter from Miami needed - 07/29/14 03:19 AM

+1000 for Hyde shipping.
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: Transporter from Miami needed - 07/29/14 10:04 PM

Hello Jem11.....There are a few that ship from Miami....including Hyde which I believe is in Medley Florida.....What are you trying to ship? If you need a container you can contact Crown International.....They handled everything for us; including large pieces of equipment. Smaller things we use Mailboxes Etc or kind friends headed our way. Most all things require customs & duty fees....Small things are easier than larger to import.....We have brought in everything from personal use hair care products to a large Commercial Oven Hood.....Our Belize Customs Broker is Ernesto Perrera and he handled the customs agents for us.....None of this is cheap.....However, many of the items we've needed for our business are not available in the country.... Hope this helps.....
Posted By: Jem11

Re: Transporter from Miami needed - 07/30/14 09:21 PM

Thank you Sailorgirl. And you are right, the service I need is all the way
through from landing to customs to the island barge to north end. Tried Hyde
if they would do it but no luck frown So will check out customs brokers. Thanks again smile jem11
Posted By: Jem11

Re: Transporter from Miami needed - 07/30/14 09:27 PM

Hi Judyann,

Just one item and pretty long so Hyde looks like a good option and the customs broker recommendation is just what I need thanks smile to clear it and move it ( hopefully ) to the barge and then up north end. And nice to know about Mailboxes as well, will tuck that away for future reference for the hard to get small items!

Thanks again,

Posted By: gecko_girl

Re: Transporter from Miami needed - 08/04/14 08:42 PM

Hyde do a great job for larger deliveries but if you are looking for regular small shipments then I have to recommend Shipito -

Everything is handled online, you get a choice of US addresses (one in Oregon which is US sales tax exempt), you can select parcels for consolidation, choose your shipping option and track it online, right down to delivery at the local post office. I say post office as USPS Express post to Belize is pretty amazing right now (fast, cheap, reliable and right to the Caye).

You can choose a "pay as you go" type plan or if you are a frequent shopper/shipper (who me?!) then you can pay an annual fee for a virtual mailbox.
Posted By: Jem11

Re: Transporter from Miami needed - 08/06/14 06:22 PM

Thank you gecko_girl!
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