Soundproofing Foam and Bricks-Looking For

Posted By: Maya House

Soundproofing Foam and Bricks-Looking For - 02/20/15 05:01 PM

Hi - Any chance of being able to find any type of soundproofing material here on the island. (Need to create a quiet space to be able to make business calls from.)

Also looking for bricks to create a patio/seating area.

Thanks much!
Posted By: Phil

Re: Soundproofing Foam and Bricks-Looking For - 02/20/15 06:47 PM

You can get insulating material on mainland from Bennys etc for sure so try Castillos and see. It is primarily for heat/cooling insulation but has the benefit of blocking sound too.
Posted By: ragman

Re: Soundproofing Foam and Bricks-Looking For - 02/20/15 07:32 PM

You have asked this question a couple of times so I'll try to help you but please realize that this is not my expertise. Working in power plants and owning rental properties I have a little experience in this. (but just a little)

We used to build concrete block wall with the blocks offset (not smooth) around transformers to lessen the sound for neighbors. Finding "real" sound proofing supplies in Belize may be difficult so here are a few ideas that you maybe able to do with common building supplies. Here is a website that explains a little of it.

You maybe not be able to do what is suggested but here it is. Build block walls inside your home for the sound proof room. I believe offsetting the blocks will help. Inside that room build another room with as much space as practical between the walls. Maybe 2-3" or more. The inside wall could be block or a regular wood frame wall. A few layers of sheet rock on each side would be good. Do not allow the walls to touch the other wall or floor unless you use a piece of rubber or heavy silicone between them. Fill the space in between with dense insulation. Styrofoam blocks would be OK I would think. This is where real sound proofing would be used. Build a floor in the room which is insulated by rubber from the present floor and do the same with the ceiling. The idea is to reduce vibration between the walls, ceiling, floor. If they touch the vibration (noise) with transfer. The offset blocks redirect the sound and absorb it.

Look I've never built a room like this so I not 100% sure of the results or method. Also pay very close attention to the door and window if any. Better not to have a window. Caulk everything along the way. Maybe this amateur answer will provoke some more suggestions which may help you out with the materials available. Good Luck. There are some very good sound proofing material in the USA which you could send down here I guess but I don't think you want to go the expense and trouble. This may give you some ideas.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Soundproofing Foam and Bricks-Looking For - 02/20/15 08:03 PM

Glue this to your walls...

I'm sure I've seen it in the hardware stores at some point.
Posted By: ragman

Re: Soundproofing Foam and Bricks-Looking For - 02/20/15 08:13 PM

Simond, that foam may not be dense enough for effective sound suppression. Would work with heat transfer but maybe not so much with sound. Another idea would be to build both walls out of wood frame with sheet rock a least one layer on each side of each wall. Again the walls, floor and ceiling can not touch without being insulated from each other. Put a dense material between the walls, floor and ceiling. This would be less expensive to do and I guess if it wasn't enough you could add a 3rd layer.

At lease now we are thinking about solutions.

Posted By: Maya House

Re: Soundproofing Foam and Bricks-Looking For - 02/20/15 10:59 PM

Thanks so much, guys!! (I actually meant to post this in the Classifieds section, and when I saw I had messed it up, we were already out of US air space for Wi-Fi, and couldn't delete it until I landed. With these responses, I'm glad I missed the window for deleting. :-) )
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