Gas stove vs electric

Posted By: Go South

Gas stove vs electric - 05/13/15 04:20 PM

Anyone know what the approx. savings would be with a propane stove compared with an electric? Also, would there be an issue with venting a gas unit or is it not necessary?
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: Gas stove vs electric - 05/13/15 11:34 PM

Hello Go South.....In my humble opinion...... GO WITH GAS!.....As a Chef it's a must....the electric ranges simply do not allow quick enough heat up and cool down time to make good sauces and seared meats......We use Butane on the island for gas....Some appliance shops in North America refer to it as 'dirty gas' ....Either way I use it and I love it....Many common kitchen gas stoves are vent-free....Just be sure and do your research on the stove you choose....FYI: (We have commercial equipment and use a commercial oven hood for venting) .....Hope all of this helps.....Good Luck!
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Gas stove vs electric - 05/14/15 02:34 AM

I have discovered that induction cooking is as fast and controllable as gas. I have a two burner unit and hardly ever us my full 4+ burner regular cook top. One of the nicest features of the induction cook top is the timer. I never forget stuff until I smell it burning; I use the timer for everything.

Oh and BTW - since I have solar electric is definitely cheaper than gas.
Posted By: Go South

Re: Gas stove vs electric - 05/14/15 07:55 PM

Thanks for the input. So the stoves sold at all hardware stores on the island use butane without any venting required? This would be used for a small condo that would be closed up for a while, that was my concern.
Also, the idea of solar sounds terrific, are the panels costly on the island?
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: Gas stove vs electric - 05/14/15 08:49 PM

That's right Harriette I forgot about your unique design.....I'm sure you can help our friend here answer questions about the Solar....As far as the Hardware stores and their specific products, each one is different as they have access to other International Markets. However I have found there to be experts in most of the stores here....It's like the old ACE Hardware Places you could find before the big stores.....The guys on site know their products and often include installation and servicing as part of the purchase....
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Gas stove vs electric - 05/15/15 01:15 AM

I'm not sure about purchasing solar here but understand (and I may be wrong) that there was no duty on importing this. I was told that the system I paid a little over $10,000 US would have cost about
$50,000 five years ago. Things they are a-changen.
Posted By: fearndeaux

Re: Gas stove vs electric - 05/16/15 06:56 PM

I second Harriette's induction answer. That is what I use as well and then I have a countertop convection / quartz oven which I love for baking.
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