Thinking of moving to Belize

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Thinking of moving to Belize - 05/30/15 08:52 PM

Hi there,
I am happy to be a part of this forum. I have been a self employed chef for 19 years, a Hurricane Katrina survivor who lived in Napa, CA. post- Katrina, and is now living in St. Petersburg, FL.
I am orginally from New Orleans ( hence the Hurricane Katrina mention ), and I am at a crossroads in my life. There is no work where I live, for the type of work I do. I have been flying back to New Orleans to teach cooking classes, which has been a success, but the bottom line is- I am tired of the rat race and crap.
I have always wanted to live in a tropical setting, and I am planning to visit Belize to see if it's a good fit for me. I am pretty confused about all of it right now, so I appeal to you to help me by answering some questions, please.
Is it possible for me to work as a private chef in Belize or host cooking classes? I would prefer to stay self employed, and also don't know the scoop on that. I would not plan to set up as a corporation, just simply be a chef there, so I would have a stream of income.
What are some places you would recommend for accommodations there that are reasonable? I am doing this on a shoestring budget, so I have to be careful.
I think that's about all I have right now. If anyone is interested in reading about what I do, and my backround, my website address is:
Real Maria
Thanks in advance for the help.
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 05/31/15 12:45 AM

Hello Maria,....Always nice to meet a culinary pro.....And one who has worked in Napa adds even more interest....When you get to San Pedro please come by and visit with me....We can play in my kitchen and chat up ingredients.....Fun stuff out here in Belize....Feel free to send me an e-mail for other details........In the meantime 'Mise en place' smile
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 05/31/15 11:18 AM

Hi Maria. Your food looks amazing!
Understand the frustration, exhaustion and the financial stress. My heart goes out to you.
This is a difficult time for so many people worldwide. I think we all envision some warm quiet place where we can work just a little and live very simply with less. While Belize is a bit of that, it is rarely a realistic lifeboat for a foreign person who is on the edge financially.

Moving to Belize costs money, and the learning curve takes time. You would need money for relocation, work permit, and for daily living while you to build a business. We have some good private chefs who keep busy but they have taken years to build clientele and reputation. Also note the seasonal nature of business here.

If you can afford a visit, please come and have a look and see if an opportunity reaches out and grabs you....... But please dont bet the ranch and your future on a hopeful fantasy.
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 09/07/15 03:32 AM

Hi Maria

I've been studying ad nauseum about relocating to Belize. One thing I might suggest is look for volunteer work. You can get a work visa by doing this (I believe the cost is $25) for this visa. You don't need it to just visit (You can get your regular visa renewed every month for six months) but after that have to apply for a work visa (which includes volunteering).

I am sure there are people there who would love to learn to make authentic blackened steak, chicken or shrimp!! There are a lot of Creole there, too.

It does cost money - you must be able to show you can afford sustenance for the time you will be there (I think it's around 1,200 a month or so (US). But double check that.

Also, if you have any other gifts, consider volunteering those as well. It's also a great way to meet locals and learn about the place.

Giving is receiving. smile
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 09/07/15 11:00 AM

After 6 months you don't have to apply for a work permit. You can continue to renew your visitor visa except the price is 100BZ.

The amount of money it will take to live in San Pedro or anyplace in Belize will vary greatly depending on what you consider necessary expenditures. Many people like to have a few beers in the evening greatly increasing your expenses. Many love scuba diving which is also expensive.

If you come on the QRP visa I don't believe you can work even as a volunteer. Much of this is covered in previous thread do an extensive search.
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 09/09/15 08:30 AM

Unfortunately, the official website doesn't have a lot of info and does have a lot of "not available" pages on it. I was not aware you could continue your visitor visa past six months. That's nice to know (although I still want to volunteer because that's just me) smile

And I have read that you cannot work under the QRP visa... There's a lot of confusion and a lot of misinformation.

I feel really bad for any false information I may have provided. I have studied so hard! I thought I was doing good but it seems there's a lot more to it than you can find online.

My apologies (once again) if I've misinformed. It's certainly not intentional.
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 01/11/16 10:45 PM

Hello my husband and I are thinking about maybe moving to Belize. Ambergris Caye to be exact.. My husband would like to continue to work. We are not ready to retire yet. He is a IT Technician so if anyone knows of any jobs please email us at [email protected] Thank You and hoping one day to move to the island and enjoy the beauty that the island has to offer.
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 01/12/16 05:13 PM

We can always use more IT expertise. That being said, you would need to qualify to work. Check out topics about work permits, self employment permits, immigration etc on this forum for info.
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 01/13/16 02:25 PM

Thank You we will do that. Hope you have a great day..
When I went to Forum List to employment it only shows the jobs that are available. Where do you get the information on how to get a work permit and immigration stuff we would need? We may need to plan a trip and get all the information then. If we do visit where should we stay?
Thanks again
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 01/13/16 04:30 PM

You can find all the info you are looking for here

Good Luck!
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 01/13/16 07:30 PM

Thank You so much.. I really appreciate all the help we are getting and can't wait to get their for a visit and look around. Where is the best place to stay? Love the songs on your station.. I will be listening to it when we get there.... Have a great day... If there is any other information we need just let us know.. Once again Thank You everyone seems so kind...
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 01/13/16 10:01 PM

Just use he search feature above.
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 01/13/16 11:01 PM

Thank You!!! Hope you have a wonderful night..
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 01/18/16 02:24 PM

Marty, help us out here with this new poster (herbaliciousca).... Sounds a bit disgruntle or at the least misinformed..... several poorly worded posts.... frown
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 02/09/16 09:05 PM

After reviewing the link and detailed information regarding the QRP programů.one question: Does the QRP eliminate the need for having your passport stamped every 30 days??
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 02/09/16 09:35 PM

Posted By: Casa Pokey Jan

Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 02/09/16 11:39 PM

Yes, it does.
Posted By: maruke

Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 02/19/16 01:47 AM

With QRP you report in once per year.
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 04/14/16 05:49 PM

I just thought I'd say hello at this point, as I'm becoming uncomfortable even with myself being such a lurker..... smile

I found this entire thread very interesting! It did answer a lot of questions I myself have about our expat adventure we're about to set into motion....and create so many more questions my head is spinning!!

Is there someone here that is willing to be a bit of a mentor for a bit more question asking? We'll be down in June and I'll gladly buy as many drinks as questions I ask smile

Thanks in advance!!
Posted By: larrypied

Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 04/14/16 09:07 PM

Wow! You should get a lot of takers on that offer!
Posted By: LoriLynn

Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 04/14/16 09:09 PM

Being from Wisconsin, we take drinks seriously.....

half of the state has their "check liver" lights on, on a regular basis smile
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 04/15/16 01:43 PM

LoriLynn....Stop by the Black Orchid Restaurant Tues-Sat between 3p-5p during our Happy Hour Social. Even though June is a slower time and we may not have as many expats hanging around in the lounge, Mr. Tom is readily available and enjoys chatting with people who are considering the move. Oh by the way he is a Madison graduate from Eau Claire..... wink ....
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Re: Thinking of moving to Belize - 04/15/16 08:00 PM

Awesomesauce! Thank you!
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