Mailing packages to Ambergris Caye.

Posted By: Shyboy

Mailing packages to Ambergris Caye. - 06/17/15 09:00 AM

So far I have only sent a T.V. to the island. A current thread talks about mailing "stuff" to one of the Cayes. If I wanted to send some sheets and pillow cases down ( as an example); what is the process and how is the duty figured.

I'm really interested in the DUTY. Let's say the sheets were washed and used once or twice ( therefore used)... For my example, 2 Queen sets purchased at Costco at $39.00 each set. The set contains 2 sheets and two pillow cases.. So... $80.00 is now used... 4 sheets and 4 pillow cases..I'm assuming I can just mail the package... Do I put the value on a form if I mail it from the post office? If so; what is the suggested statement.... Something like "used bed linen... $15.00 value"

I know that the cost of shipping is a factor also BUT; I'm specifically interested in the "how to declare".

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Mailing packages to Ambergris Caye. - 06/18/15 12:51 PM

I have shipped used and new. I find if you do not put a 'value' on the package, someone at duty in Belize will make up a number and it's often high so better to put on exactly what you think it is worth. And yes, do specify that it is 'used' if it is, but if you simply buy new sheets and just wash them and send them down, they will figure that out and make up a value based on new sheets. The process can be very arbitrary, I have heard all kinds of stories from a small percentage of duty paid to some outrageous percentage having to be paid. In my opinion, best to include photocopies of receipts when you can so they can't make up their own estimated value.
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Re: Mailing packages to Ambergris Caye. - 06/18/15 06:12 PM

Thank you.. I will try my first "care package". If something goes awry I probably won't give a sheet.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Mailing packages to Ambergris Caye. - 06/30/15 10:59 AM

Plenty of sheets available at Mirab. Decent prices.
Customs agents are not new at this game, and a wash or two isn't going to fool anybody.

Posted By: Wizardofaahs

Re: Mailing packages to Ambergris Caye. - 06/30/15 02:40 PM

Household goods are minimal. The best option is to send a barrel or good plastic tote via Joseph Freight. Put a large sign on it marked "Household Goods". It will cost $100-$150 us to ship. Joseph gets it through customs to your door. No additional cost. Takes about 3 weeks. They have scheduled trips on their website. Easy peasy.
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