Mail Forwarded Services - Suggestions?

Posted By: LauraV

Mail Forwarded Services - Suggestions? - 05/04/16 07:18 PM

My husband and I are moving to San Pedro later this month and we are looking at various mail forwarding/mail scanning services to get our U.S. mail while we are there. What do the rest of the expats do? Any advice is helpful.
Posted By: ragman

Re: Mail Forwarded Services - Suggestions? - 05/04/16 08:48 PM

Laura, Normal mail is not particularly dependable in Belize but maybe a mail forwarding service works. In my case I do almost nothing any more using snail mail. I've found that virtually everything that is done via mail can be done on line. It does take a while to free yourself from mail, I guess.

I told all my friends not to send cards and things like that. Some don't understand of course and it used to be not to unusual to get a Christmas card in May or June. Most mail is junk as far as I'm concerned. I bank on line(deposits and withdrawals; pay bills; pay taxes (real estate and other taxes; chat with friends and almost everything else. I've been doing this for so long that I see no need for normal mail but I will say if someone is coming down to visit me they would bring down some mail but it is very seldom something of any consequence. I can't remember needing something that I couldn't work around and my life is a little more complicated I think than most. I guess there have been a few times that I had a family member scan something and send it to me but not that often anymore.

Posted By: ron

Re: Mail Forwarded Services - Suggestions? - 05/05/16 06:43 PM

I spend 6 months in Caye Caulker and get mail sent to my house in the States forwarded to Belize using Mail Boxes Etc. The US mail forwards my mail to a mail box in Miami which it controlled by mail boxes etc. They send it down via dhl to San Pedro. Rob then puts in on the water taxi to CC. It takes forever to get the mail that way, about a month delay, mostly the US post office. This year was the third year and probably last year I will do this, getting more used to doing things online. Cards and that sort of stuff has been replaced by email or Facebook.
Posted By: JZB

Re: Mail Forwarded Services - Suggestions? - 05/07/16 03:37 PM works well.
Posted By: LauraV

Re: Mail Forwarded Services - Suggestions? - 05/08/16 03:39 PM

Thanks, everyone. Appreciate the thoughts on all that. Very helpful.

Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: Mail Forwarded Services - Suggestions? - 05/09/16 04:20 PM

Hello Laura.....We live here year round (like many on this blog) and simply got an address here for our regular mail....we registered in the State we are from along with the Federal Government office and Social Security.... we pay less than $15 US a month.....And for our mail from places where they say 'we don't send out of the country' we use our local Mailboxes etc. ....They have a Miami address you can use and then it gets here quite quickly.....However, Ragman is correct....I usually get Christmas cards in June from the US that people send via Snailmail..... smile
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Mail Forwarded Services - Suggestions? - 05/10/16 09:28 PM

Tell your friends not to send you "gifts" without verifying that they are sending something you want bad enough to pay duty to retrieve it.
Posted By: LauraV

Re: Mail Forwarded Services - Suggestions? - 05/10/16 09:59 PM

Thanks Judyann and Diane! Appreciate it.

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