Where to find real butter ?

Posted By: sandize

Where to find real butter ? - 05/09/16 02:14 PM

I would like to know where I can find real butter with at least 85% fat. As I am french I am really used to cook with butter, not oil.
thank you for your help smile
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: Where to find real butter ? - 05/09/16 04:06 PM

Hello Sandize......I'm a chef here on the island and use a great deal of real butter in many of our recipes.....We import it....However, if you want it for personal use you can go to Super Buy.....In the canned good section there is an incredible Real Danish butter in a blue can.....Very expensive and worth every penny.......If you are looking for large volumes send me a Private Message.....Good Luck with whatever you are using it for.......I love butter and believe when you get the real stuff (unsalted) it is healthy and flavorful.....Of course we also use tons of imported Olive Oil..... From Italy....I'm still working on the good Greek stuff....In the meantime happy cooking.....
Posted By: t42

Re: Where to find real butter ? - 06/16/16 02:39 PM

Real butter available all over in Belize City very surprised it isn't out there.
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Where to find real butter ? - 06/16/16 02:53 PM

Except the cow butter from Western Dairies it tastes like Parmesan cheese which is fine on pasta but not on toast!
Posted By: collyk

Re: Where to find real butter ? - 06/17/16 12:24 PM

You can get excellent artisan made organic butter from Springfield Dairies near Belmopan.
Posted By: Noelle

Re: Where to find real butter ? - 07/28/16 02:27 AM

We make our own. The heavy cream from Western Dairies has a very high fat content which makes for a lovely butter - especially cultured. In a pinch I think just about every store carries Anchor butter from New Zealand.
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