Posted By: Diane Campbell

THANK YOU BELIZE - 12/16/16 07:22 AM

Twenty-four years ago - 16 December 1992, I arrived on AC to take up permanent residence.

(Landlord Elbert thought we were not going to last very long ....... )

Thank you San Pedro and Belize for the adventure of a lifetime.

Posted By: JaHo

Re: THANK YOU BELIZE - 12/16/16 08:01 AM

Posted By: Shyboy

Re: THANK YOU BELIZE - 12/16/16 07:24 PM

Thank YOU for leaving your mark all over Ambergris.. Writing to you from one of yours now.... I wouldn't be "here' without you.
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: THANK YOU BELIZE - 12/17/16 08:10 AM

Congratulations Diane!.....You have been both patient & informative as I learned my way around the island & it's politics...Glad you're here, and thank you for your kindness during my acclimation period. smile
Posted By: elbert

Re: THANK YOU BELIZE - 12/17/16 08:13 AM

Diane, i think McAfee tore down that casita I rented you. I looked for it a few years back and could only find the well with Bubbas paw print in the cement.
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