Moving to AC for the summer!

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Moving to AC for the summer! - 03/29/03 04:24 AM

well I need a little help. I visited AC a couple of weeks ago and fell in love. I'm thinking about coming for the summer. I have two options..
1- just come down find a cheap place to stay for 2 or 3 months and maybe a job to help me make it through the sum.
2- Possibly do a research project on the island dealing w/ pollution. I am a college senior and could possibly do something productive w/ the summer.
so my question is this how easy would it be for me to find some kind of job on AC- I'm a certified EMT not that it even matters I would do pretty much anything for a job just kind of looking to get away. Secondly does anyone know if the is any groups or people involved w/ any enviromental projects on the island I could get in contact with. Thanks for any help.
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 03/29/03 04:35 AM

An EMT might be just the thing to help get our new ambulance going. Ask Dr. Sersland.
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 03/29/03 04:38 AM

How can I get in contact with Dr. Sersland?
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 03/29/03 04:30 PM

For volunteer work with environmental projects, recommend you try Green Reef, under "Goods & Services" above; they have an E-mail link; the President is Mito Paz. Paid work may be a problem due to labor laws and the need for a work permit. So glad you loved the island.
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 03/29/03 05:01 PM

A volunteer will need a permit too, unless that has recently changed.
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 03/29/03 11:35 PM

You must have a work permit to work or volunteer. If you are found to be doing either without a permit you can be fined, jailed, or deported. And they will do it. I know one couple that was deported because they began working before the application process was finished.
A permit costs about $700us and the application form is 10 pages long. The best thing to do is to have someone "sponsor" you. If Green Reef or the doctor wanted your services, either paid or unpaid they would have to advertise for the position in the local paper for 3 weeks. After that, IF they don't find a qualified Belizian they can apply for your permit. But I'm not sure if you pay or they do.
Oh, and if you're staying that long when you renew your visa each month you have to show proof of income or support. I think it's about $1800/month.
Maybe a month vacation would be easier.
Caribe Island Resort
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 04/05/03 06:33 AM

You could ask the Saga Society, but I'm pretty sure it would be volunteer work. God knows, they need the help. Contact Eileen at the San Pedro Sun. She's a good woman. Tell her I asked her to give a bisquit to Pari and Mr. Muttley. She'll understand!
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 04/05/03 06:41 PM

Lacy's correct you must have a work permit for either paid or unpaid work. If you are looking into a research project the best place to contact is the forestry department as they deal with most of the applications. Try going to and have a look at the researcher application information it may give you a better hint at what needs to be done. Otherwise just come down and relax and bring lots of partying cash.


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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 04/05/03 07:36 PM

At the present moment in time there are loads of people who are working (totally illegally)without permits/residencies etc. - even some people who have replied to you did not,at one stage,have the correct paperwork,and had jobs-at the moment no-one,in authority,seems to really care(rightly or wrongly)about paperwork.
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 04/05/03 11:01 PM

Well, it might be a good thing to find out the "right way" to do things, and do them that way, rather than accept it can be done under-the-table. It might be a little harder, but I am sure it can be done. You sound like an upfront person, so my guess is, you'll get the job done. You will probably have to start asking in Belize City, but I really don't know. Never needed to do that, as I've just visited. You might also just check with Eileen at the San Pedro Sun, she would certainly have better info that we do, and is a good soul. Good luck, your're going to do a fine job. Glad you love Belize.
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 04/06/03 12:28 AM

Putting aside the moral issue of sun-loving gringos taking jobs away from Belizeans for a moment:
I am sure Pedro is correct that work permit regulations are often bent and that you may well succeed in working without a permit even if you are supposed to have one.
That is because every Belizean law and regulation has a loophole built in called "Minister's discretion." That means that high ranking pols can do whatever they want and so can their cronies and those who display appropriate "gratitude" towards said pols.
The danger in such a system is that it cuts both ways. You may think you have "unofficial permission" to do something (like work without a work permit) but the worm can easily turn. If some pol or someone connected to a pol does not like what you are doing (or wants to compete with you or wants something you have) you can just as easily be tossed unceremoniously out on your ass.
This is called "lack of transparency." Proceed at your own risk.
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 04/06/03 02:54 AM


Things have changed since your day,and indeed since I came here-people just do not care,and if you are a gringo(without a permit)it appears you/they have a god given right to work at 6.00bzd per hour
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 04/06/03 06:50 PM

Let's get the facts right for this girl. There are more jobs in Belize than there are Belizeans willing to fill them. Thus, the influx of people from other countries especially Central American countries. If you find a job that you are interested in the employer, or someone he knows working as what are called "expiditors", can get you the proper legal documention to work. Belize issues these work permits all the time. You can do all the paper work yourself, but most find using an expiditor is much easier. The only stipulation is, if there is a qualified Belizean who wants that job, the employer must give them preference. Those are the facts. Don't listen to all this wrong information about being "tossed out on your ass or proceding at your own risk". What you are talking about doing can be done totally legal in Belize. The reality is most of the jobs that "gringos" are interested in are the jobs that Belizeans are also interested in, so finding a job that you want is not always easy. Anyway, go for it and good luck.
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 04/07/03 02:26 AM

Dr. Sersland can be contacted through MUA (Medical University of the Americas)Belize....I think the website is
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 04/12/03 04:46 AM

As the immigration officer yelled at me, read what it says in the printed part of your passport, you cannot work without a work permit, and then proceeded to throw me into jail because I yelled back to not treat me like a child. You cannot volunteer, or work without a permit even with pay, I was an owner working ( that is the key word) supervising and they still harassed me. Don't even try it.
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Re: Moving to AC for the summer! - 04/12/03 04:48 AM

sorry that should have been without pay.
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