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Posted By: sunshineleo

Wage information - 11/06/07 11:54 PM

Would love a bit of information about competitive wages here on the Caye...
As i will be looking to hire soon, I want to make sure I'm offering fare and honest wages...

Regular (kitchen-prep ) wages
miscellaneous laborer
assistant manager wages

Thank you
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Re: Wage information - 11/07/07 12:30 AM

We found a great deal of information at the main page web site.

Go to

On the left you can choose "economics" and then scroll down to IX. Labour....... Direct from the Government. Even tells you about vacations, retirement, social security and holiday leave.

Good Luck!!!
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Re: Wage information - 11/07/07 06:18 AM

Is that information current?
Posted By: JZB

Re: Wage information - 11/07/07 03:12 PM

Try Minimum wage x 3.
Posted By: Short

Re: Wage information - 11/20/07 05:55 AM

Just FYI...
New Increase In Minumum Wage Rate For Agricultural And Shop Assistants/Domestics To Take Effect April 1, 2007

The Ministry of Labour wishes to inform the public that the new increases in the Minimum Wage Rate for Agricultural Workers and Shop Assistants/Domestics come into effect on April 1, 2007.
In May 2006, a Minimum Wages Council was appointed in accordance with Section 6 (1) of the Wages Council Act, Chapters 302 of the Laws of Belize. The Councilís mandate, as reflected in its Terms of Reference, was to make wage regulation proposals and to recommend a revision of the Minimum Wages to determine whether there should be one rate for all categories of workers.
On December 29, 2006, the Minimum Wages Council presented its Final Report and recommendations to the Minister of Labour, Hon. Francis Fonseca and on January 8, 2007, Cabinet approved the Final Report and its recommendations, of which the following two were included:
The creation over the next three (3) years of one Minimum Wage Rate of $3.00 for ALL workers
(a) increasing the Minimum Wage Rate for Agricultural Workers from $2.00 to $2.50 in 2007, to $2.75 in 2008 and to $3.00 in 2010
(b) increasing the Minimum Wage for Shop Assistants/Domestics from $2.25 to 3.00 in 2007
For Agricultural Workers, this represents an immediate increase of 25% in their wage rate and for Shop Assistants/Domestics, a 33.3% increase.
This increase in the Minimum Wage will affect the lives of some 15,545 workers and their families, representing some 15.8% of the Belizean workforce.
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