Property Assessor North of 60

Posted By: TLJ

Property Assessor North of 60 - 12/09/08 10:55 PM

I'm a government property assessor and looking to relocate somewhere warmer mucher warmer. I read about AmbergrisCaye in my Islands magazine as being a great place to relocate to. As my subject line indicates I am currently in the Yukon Territory. Wondering how property assessment works in AmbergrisCaye, is it municipally governed? Where could I get some info on this?
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Property Assessor North of 60 - 12/09/08 11:02 PM

visit the place first
1. Buy a ticket
2. get on airplane
3. get off airplane
4. get on puddle jumper
5. get off puddle jumper
6. forget luggage
7. go to nearest bar have a beer and a rum
8. pick up luggage
9. go to hotel
10 spend week finding out if you like the place
Posted By: TLJ

Re: Property Assessor North of 60 - 12/09/08 11:11 PM

Thank you for the advice. Ofcourse a visit is a must but I was curious to find out info on how property assessment is even conducted there. If it's even an option.
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