Pilot jobs

Posted By: snuffleupagus

Pilot jobs - 07/16/09 02:31 AM

I'm a Canadian bush pilot with 1000+ hours experience looking for some work in Belize. I've got multi, instrument, float, and instructor ratings too.

Is Tropic or Maya Island Air hiring pilots for the upcoming high-season.

I'll be down there this winter on holiday, and plan to do a little job searching too while I'm in the country. If anyone works in the industry there, I'd appreciate any insight into landing a job there.

Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Pilot jobs - 07/16/09 02:37 AM

Contact Tropic and Maya directly for your answers. this message board is inhabited mostly by North Americans that want to visit here.

Re: Pilot jobs - 07/23/09 09:46 PM

Yea, we North Americans only want to fly into San Pedro, We dread it when we have to fly back out.
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