Searching for a NON PAID job internship

Posted By: rosi

Searching for a NON PAID job internship - 01/21/15 01:14 PM


I am a 23- year old girl from Helsinki, Finland. I am a first year student of hospitality, tourism and experience management at the University of applied science of Haaga- Helia. As a part of my first year studies I have the opportunity of completing a 2-month internship.

I am interested in a position that will utilize my skills and background in customer service. My goal is to enhance my career in the travel industry through an internship experience in Belize.

What I would like to do is working in a hotel/hostel as a receptionist or other task related to my career. Also travel agencies and tours are an interesting option. I'm not shutting down working in a restaurant which could be a part of a hotel. Tourism is an large sector, and as an open minded and positive person I am open to all kind of suggestions. So don't hesitate to contact me in any case!

My work background is strongly customer service based, and I already have working experience abroad. My strengths are in communicational skills, teamwork and always a positive attitude towards the clients. From me, you will get for your company a worker who has a strong work motivation. Iím responsible and I like to work in a good atmosphere and see the result of my work by having satisfied customers.

My internship should start in the end of March 2015, but starting day is flexible. If you are interested I am able to send my CV and recommendation letters.

Best wishes,

Rositsa Kauppinen
[email protected]
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Re: Searching for a NON PAID job internship - 01/21/15 01:30 PM

I wish you good luck but you should know two things that may stand as obstacles.

1. There are Colleges in Belize which give degrees and certifications to do with the Hospitality Industry. Those students are also looking for internships.

2. You may need a work permit in order to be an intern even if you do not a get paid.

The Hospitality Industry is very important to Belize. It is also very important that Belizeans become qualified and confident to fill the positions.
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Re: Searching for a NON PAID job internship - 01/21/15 03:52 PM


thank you for your advices! I'm sure if you are serious, ready to work hard to find a internship place and are motivated there is place for everybody, not only locals smile

But I see your point of view, but I'm sure everybody can fit in as there isn't probably hundreds and hundreds searching for an internship at the same time. For the visa I know also but as I'm searching more "volunteer" work it should be easy to get it.

Thank you for your luck wishes lets keep them fingers crossed!

Have a blessed day,
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Searching for a NON PAID job internship - 01/21/15 05:03 PM

Ragman's advice is accurate-

You will need a work permit to work either for pay or for no pay. It takes several weeks if not months to process such a permit and the idea of getting one by the end of March is unrealistic.
To get a permit like this, the "employer" (even if it is unpaid employ) will need to prove that they cannot find a qualified Belizean for the job. There are many qualified Belizeans ........ and not enough jobs. Establishments that violate this labour law can be fined a substantial amount, and the un-approved worker can be deported. Not a pleasant scenario.

You may find that you can do something via an exchange program with a university or educational program in place here, rather than trying to find a hotel or restaurant directly.

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Re: Searching for a NON PAID job internship - 01/21/15 07:30 PM


I am quite positive about getting the volunteer visa for less than months! smile Anyways I am not searching to be employed permanently, I'm more like an "extra" that a company can have for free.

Posted By: SimonB

Re: Searching for a NON PAID job internship - 01/21/15 07:51 PM

Umm, that's not considered volunteering here. A volunteer permit requires you to volunteer for a specific recognized organization and that permit is only valid for that organization.

I wouldn't be so confident on getting that "volunteer visa" so quickly as first you'll have to find a volunteer organization to apply for it. It's not like you can just walk in to labour and apply for one yourself and then go looking to volunteer.
Posted By: rosi

Re: Searching for a NON PAID job internship - 01/21/15 09:33 PM

Okay cold facts are now on the table, next one could wish me luck! cool
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Searching for a NON PAID job internship - 01/21/15 09:41 PM

Why should we wish you luck to come here and try to subvert the laws of the country we love???
Posted By: pamkillen

Re: Searching for a NON PAID job internship - 01/21/15 09:49 PM

Why would you possibly think it is ok to bully a student trying to get information? That is just gross. Rosi, get in touch with the Belize Tourism Board. They may have room for an intern and might by willing to sponsor an international student to promote tourism in your area.
Posted By: rosi

Re: Searching for a NON PAID job internship - 01/22/15 05:50 PM

Thank you for the good idea! smile
Posted By: Bear

Re: Searching for a NON PAID job internship - 01/22/15 10:44 PM

Nice catch Pam, kept that one from going extra bases.

Rosi, people are simply trying to educate and impress on you the challenges you're facing and, if it wasn't mentioned, the likely attitudes (and obstacles) you'll face while looking for an internship.

Please understand that the "work permit" folks are talking about here is not a "visa" as you seem to think based on your replies. Check this information out for yourself:


Good luck
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