Under the laws of Belize as exercised by the Stann Creek Liquor Licensing Board please note that from Midnight on Holy Thursday until Midnight on Good Friday no establishment on the Peninsula may sell any alcoholic beverage. This does not mean that restaurants or grocery stores must close; only that they refrain from serving or selling alcohol. In fact, due to the large number of expected visitors we encourage restaurants to open Good Friday and serve our hungry guests. All employers should also note that the following days require payment of overtime as follows:

Good Friday: Double Time
Saturday: Time-and-a-half
Sunday: Regular work day if part of normally scheduled hours, Time-and-a-half if not part of regular hours
Monday: Double Time

If employees are not asked to work on these days they receive their full regular weekly or bi-weekly salaries. If they do work on these overtime days they receive the Time-and-a-half or Double Time, NOT regular pay PLUS the Time-and-a-half or Double Time. Any additional inducements to work on those days are at the discretion of employers but are not required by law.