The Belize City Council announced that it's doing minor repairs on the swing bridge which is in very poor condition.

The council says that they're making these repairs ahead of the increase in traffic expected for the upcoming September celebrations.

Now, the release makes it clear, quote, "The support of Western Development Ltd. has been sought to do minor welding and raising of the bridge however no contractual agreements in regards to the maintenance of Swing bridge has been made." End quote.

That disclaimer is made because Western Development Ltd is no other than William Arthur Lindo - the father of the city administrator, and a PUP par excellence.

We met the always colorful contractor, Lindo on the bridge today, and he spoke to us informally about the project - which he says he is supervising:

Bill Lindo
"Its not me who have the contract. A company has it and I won't disclose who it is. I am working for them supervising, because I am more qualified than any Mennonite in Belize. I am a Belizean. Nobody can do this better than me. I don't have time to waste. The problem with this bridge, they rebuilt this bridge in 1997, a bridge like this is at least 50-70 years old. China is building bridges that lasts 120 years now."

"What is the cost?"

Bill Lindo
"It's less than $20,000, a little bit of money. The bridge needs to change, the whole bottom is not good, but its neglect and the job. From the time they rebuilt it, it wasn't done correct, because it wasn't coated properly."

A bulletin says the Western pedestrian ramp shall remain closed until further notice.

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