Friendly Forest Products offers an outstanding alternative to conventional mouldings, presenting directly to you from the jungles of Central and South America, the most exotic hardwoods in the world. We are the importers and the distributers for this combination of extremely fine hardwoods. With no middle men, we can offer the best prices possible. Assuring you the greatest profit, and maximum quality, in your finished products.

Our basic moulding is solid 7/8 X 7/8 inch rabbited. Special orders prepared upon request. Sample packets are available.

We carry Rosewood, Teak, Goncalo Alves, Grenadillo, Mahogany, and Macawood. These woods are rough cut, kiln dried and carried in random width and length. They are also available in elegant flooring and paneling.

Discounts for larger orders
Sample packets available upon written
request. Include a check for $10.00to
Friendly Forest Products
7068 S.W. 44th St.
Miami, FL 33155
Phone- 1-305-661-1464         Fax- 1-305-663-1012

Two or three times a year, I traipse around the jungles of Central and South America. Belize is my core source of high quality exotic hardwoods. Though I can get larger loads from Brazil, or Venezuela, if needed, of some genus and species. It can take four months on average to accumulate, transport and load into a shipping container at the port of Belize, a few selected quality woods from various small lumber mills in the remote jungle hinterlands. The stock in Miami is replenished once or twice a year in the warehouse.

The hazards are many. Bandits and guerrillas in the Peten jungles of nearby Guatemala. Two different rainy seasons in Belize, that turn jungle trails to knee deep mud, swollen rivers and floods with washed out bridges that can maroon you on the wrong river bank for as much as a week. In all countries, a bureaucracy that is constantly changing their rules for permits and payments. Lumber mill operators that take your money and then sell your lumber for quick cash to somebody else, to fix temporary cash flow problems, forcing prices higher while you have to make another expensive trip to re-select a new batch of high quality, hand picked lumber.

Over the past 25 years, I have several friends that help me out for such emergency trips and will see a load of lumber is trucked and loaded into the port site, reserved freight container, until it is full. Or ransom one of my field buyers from bandits in the Peten. The adventures and mis-adventures of acquiring a few pieces of high quality tropical exotic jungle hardwoods would make a number of novels and each piece of exotic tropical hardwood has it's own tale to tell.

All of this is unlike any orderly lumber business in the USA. When you buy some pieces of exotic tropical hardwood from Friendly Forest Products in Miami, you can be sure there is a long arduous adventure story attached to each piece, before it arrived in the USA.

These woods are used by custom builders, in new homes, for stairways, bannisters, church leaded colored glass window frames, yacht trimmings, picture frames, carved doors, desks and vanity items.

We sell only the best of the best! Much of the items made in Europe and the USA from these type of jungle exotic woods are still used, hundreds of years later.

Why do I do it? The travel adventure and challenges when I was young. Today? Because I am an expert in this field now. It never gets any easier though.

Friendly Forest Products
7068 S.W. 44th St.
Miami, FL 33155
Phone- 1-305-661-1464
Fax- 1-305-663-1012

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