Golf Cart Rentals In San Pedro, Belize

Golf carts are a popular mode of transportation in San Pedro, Belize. It's a great way to get to and from your resort, makes for quicker shopping and a wider variety of restaurants if you can get around a little bit quicker than walking or riding a bike.

Golf cart rentals are available from several locations. Several are listed below.

Click for the Blue Hole Golf Rental website!
Take a golf cart ride (golf carts are rented for a fee and are the most common means of island transportation) to the very end of the island north or south. Then you can truthfully say that you stood at the very end of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Ride across the bridge and see the northern part of the island. The vegetation is much different than downtown, and the beautiful gardens that folks have grown are a sight to behold. Watch out for chihuahua's!

Golf Cart Rentals
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To visit the north end of AC by bike, golf cart or foot, the rule with an electric golf cart is: no further White Sands Dive Shop (the old Journey's End) (3.5 mls North), if you can't come back to town (a matter of battery power). You can go all the way to Costa Blu (7 miles North) by cart on the beach, but you probably won't have enough power to get back.

Fuel operated golf cars can go a lot further, but you can't go much past Costa Blu (because there's no path anymore; the beach is jungle).

The road goes further and further north each day it seems (for more information on how far the road goes north click here), then you have to follow the beach, Mata Chica is 5 miles, Portofino is 6 miles and Costa Blu is 7 miles.

Valid driver licenses are required to rent a vehicle. Golfcarts are considered vehicles, so the drivers must possess a valid driver's license - please don't let your unlicensed children drive - golf carts may be cute, but they are the same as an automobile on a highway.

'Average' price for golfcart rental is about $65US for 8 hours, $275us for a week.

Traffic laws are similar to those throughout the world. San Pedro only has a few traffic signs, so use caution (and common sense).

Used to be that most of the carts were electric, but there are a lot more gasoline ones today.

Auto rentals in Belize are not like the US. They are more of a hometown rental agency. Hotel pick up, pick up at airport, or delivery to your hotel are all available.

Make sure you use the golf carts to tour the island. The variety of birds, crocodiles, fish, flowers, and beauty of the sea on Ambergris Caye is truly to be remembered forever. Don't just go shopping and to dinner in the carts. Get out and see the island.

Remember - we have many festivals and happenings here in Ambergris. Make a reservation so you won't be disappointed.

Click here for a large version of the map below showing the town and golf cart paths, courtesy of Click here for another detailed map of San Pedro.

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