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Are cremation services being offered in Belize today and by who(m)?

There‚Äôs a funeral parlor on Freetown Road that does cremating. Also Homeland Memorial Park --

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Comment By Emeli - Tue, May 1st, 2012 12:51 PM
I am urging you to bring this link down as I used it to do my baby is cremation and I followed their vehicle to the cremation place and they do a fire heart and bend a zinc (roofing material) and put the baby untop and throw kerosene on the baby and put vehicle tires to light the fire. Please I tried to comment about my experience but I couldn't. Please bring it down as they Coye Funeral home which is on "freetown road" belize city has no facility to do the cremation eventhough they do charge $2800 for adults and $800 for newborns.
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