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Where can I refill my prescription?

Where can I refill my prescription? Travellers to Belize are often anxious to know if they can get a prescription refill and what types of medications are available at Belize pharmacies. Belize for many years has been a net importer of manufactured products from the US. The supermarkets are full of familiar brands such as Kraft, Heinz, Campbells, Proctor and Gamble…you get the picture. Pharmacies are no different.


You can purchase practically any type of medication in Belize. Most brands are North American or European. However, medications in Belize are not cheap – generally marked up about 25% higher compared to prices in the U.S. This is in sharp contrast to what you will find in Mexico or Canada where meds are more affordable compared to the US. Belize has a tiny consumer base – less than 275,000 people, and taxes of all types are levied on every step of the pharmaceuticals import supply chain by government. Business owners have no choice but to pass on this to the consumer.


Some  medications available in Belize Nexium,  Zithromax 200mg/5ml suspension US$25. Zyrtec 10mg 20 tables: US$25. Flixonase nasal spray US$37.50 Tylenol Cold 20 caplets: US$6. Xanax 0.50 mg generic US$.80 per tablet Viagra Mexico Pfizer US$25.


You can quickly compare prices with an online pharmacy in the U.S. Health Solutions Network


The only advantage Belize has is that many drug stores will accommodate visitors who may have misplaced or left their prescriptions home. Since many Belizeans are very poor and cannot afford to attend a doctor, some pharmacies function as a one-stop source of medical advice and dispensary of medications for common ailments. You will find that the smaller Mom and Pop pharmacies will be more accommodating compared to larger pharmacies where the pharmacist on duty (usually an employee) will insist on a prescription – even if you are feeling ill and your prescription is back home in the U.S.!


If you really need a medication that requires a prescription, the best advice is to visit a local doctor – a general practitioner is best and will only charge about US$15. for a consultation and prescription. There are several General Practitioners located countrywide and many are solo practices and very accommodating. You will also find private medical centers owned by medical specialists-businessmen and a consultation will easily run to US$25. minimum. Even for the cost they are convenient and have parking, air conditioning, private hospital (about US$250. a day) and their own pharmacies. Two of the largest Belize Medical Associates and Universal Health Services are located in Belize City. For cruise ship passengers, the Pharmacy Express is located right inside the Tourism Village where they disembark in Belize city.


For those looking at online pharmacies, we  suggest our advertising partners.


ProvidentRX is a fully stocked online pharmacy and ships worldwide via FEDEX.


Affordable Prescriptions is located inside the US and ships only within the US.


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