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Who are the best fishing guides?


There are many trememdous fishing guides in San Pedro, some are listed below. CLICK HERE for the most comprehensive list

The Bradleys are incredible guides, George Bradley does the flats, Geraldo Bradley does reef fishing as well as flats fishing, and Roberto Bradley also does the flats as well as reef fishing. Contact them by telephone in the San Pedro Telephone book.

Gilberto Lara, better known as “Hilly Boo,” owner of Freedom Tours Fishing Unlimited, at 226-3308 or 665-7106, is personal, and you go by yourselves... You can reach him when you get to the islands at Freedom Tours, or for his website CLICK HERE.

The Guerrero brothers (Severo Guerrero, 226-2324; cell phone 608-2136, and Ramon Guerrero, 226-2325. Deep sea fishing guide who is a multi-time winner of fall billfish tournament) I’ve spent time with and know they have an environmental attitude. They give value while still leaving some fish for others. Everyone raves about their beach BBQ. Either one can give you a great day of fishing. They have been doing honest, reef friendly fishing for many years. They can also take you and your family on a full-day fish/snorkel trip for $ of the best bargains on the island when you figure in the beach BBQ w/ your catch. You won’t find a better value in San Pedro. Price is for the boat for the day, I think up to 4 people. They also do bonefishing and tarpon. The price for a full day of fishing is $275US.The Guerrero brothers live next door to each other. If one is booked, ask for the other one. Good luck! Remember, take some and leave some. You can email them at

Some don’t advise you about catch and release. Some will let you fish all day without regard to limit (although there is none, common sense should take over). Some charge too much for too little.

Omar Arceo, does a heck of a job. Gilberto or Tomas arranged by Amigo’s de Mar...

Another favorite fishing guide is Geraldo Badillo and Justo. I have used his services for 21 years, and no problems at all. He is a great guy, and he is a real aquaman ! He lives down on the lagoon. Tel #226-2264.

A great guide and very pleasant individual is Luis Caliz in San Pedro, phone number 011-501-226-2785. Best time to catch him by phone is after 6 PM

Nesto Gomez { a very good guide}-- one of the best tarpon and bonefish flyfisherman! He works out of El Pescador.

For flat fishing call Eloy Gonzalez at 226-2337

Pete Graniel, 226-2584 - also one of the most reasonably priced deep sea guides. First rate equipment, including boats, and does both offshore, reef and inshore (tarpon, etc.) Keeps his boat just south of town. Ask anyone how to contact him. He’s well known.

A friend went with Vince Dawson, and their bonefishing and reef fishing experience was "legendary", according to them. They saved enough for a barbecue the next day (grouper and snapper) and it was possibly the best tasting fish we had ever experienced. You can make contact with him thru Rubys. He is magical on the reef fishing. He knows what is on the line as soon as it hits. Kind of fish, size, first name.

Tulu is one of the best, you could usually find him at the Spindrift dock or at Coconuts and if he is not there just ask someone at Coconuts to call him.

Dilzon Miurcia works with Island Ferry, and he is AWESOME!!! Actually, we highly recommend him. To get ahold of him, you need to call Phone: 011-501-620-6118, Best thing to do is to call The Island Ferry at 226-3231

CLICK HERE for more general information on fishing in Belize and San Pedro.

CLICK HERE for a list of articles on fishing in Belize and off Ambergris Caye from magazines and sent in by our readers. They are full of excellent information, photographs, and tips.

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Comment By Adam Gabrielli - Sun, Aug 12th, 2012 4:40 PM
My wife, brother in law, and I went out on a half day tripw with Capt. Hillyboo from Freedom Tours while on a cruise. It was awesome. I've been deept sea fishing before and didn't know what to expect. We got into a big school of mackeral and had an awesome time. I highly recommend him!!
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