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What is the Cost of Belikin Beer and how do I shop at the distributor?

There are two separate distributor buildings and there has been some back and forth between the two over the years leaving some people wondering exactly how pick up and returns work. While you can still drop empties off at the old Belikin Beer distributor across from Island academy from 9:00am – 11:30am or 1:00pm – 3:00pm, most transactions are happening out of the Crystal Water & Ice Distributor located south of town. To get there travel south on the main road out of town until you have to make a right, to continue on. Keep going straight past the gas station intersection and on your right hand side you will find Crystal water and Ice. Their hours of operation and contact number are 226 – 4441 Monday – Friday 8:00pm – 5:00pm and Saturday 8:00pm – 12:00pm

Beer pricing in BZD: Regular Belikin $49.95 a case of 24 beers plus $11 deposit for a total cost of $60.95 lighthouse and stout the same price. Guinness $72.10 with a case deposit of $8.60. Premium is out of stock right now.

Water 5 gal jug: $25 deposit for 5 gal plastic $3.60. They also used to sell plastic water dispensers but the guy I spoke to on the phone said they did not have any right now.

Soda: Fanta Coke and Sprite are also available by the case and cost $17.88 with $11:00 deposit.

Depending on where you are staying you can sometimes get lucky and catch a beer or water tractor on their run and get home delivery. Some hotels offer basic provisioning and will pre-order a case and have it waiting for you when you arrive.

Alcohol content: Belikin Beer 4.8% alcohol, Lighthouse Lager 4.2% alcohol, Belikin Premium 4.8% alcohol, Belikin Stout 6.5% alcohol and Guinness Stout 7.5% alcohol.

Special Seasonal beers:

  • Winter Sorrel Stout 6.5% alcohol: A nicely balanced and aged stout blended with high quality German hops and specialty malts. This beer is a embodies Caribbean flavor, color and heritage.
  • Spring Chocolate Stout 6.5% alcohol: Chocolate was Maya food of the gods, had this delicious Stout been around it surely would have been offered as well. With added hints of vanilla and rum, this unique lightly carbonated beer is decadent chocolate experience.

If you forget to pack your coozies, you can purchase Belikin ones at any of the gift shops on front street in town, they used to sell merchandise at the distributor but have stopped doing so.

In bars price for a Belikin can range from $4 – $6 and you will find most places charge $5BZE.

Belikin Beer websiteBelikin beer facebook page - Belikin twitter Page - Belikin YouTube page

See more cool Belikin Videos.

san pedro yacht club

Carrying a case or two on a bike is not uncommon here

belikin beer distributor

Distributor just past the gas station towards the Lagoon side of the island

belikin beer distributor belize

Stacks of Belikin

belikin beer

Old distributor across from Island Academy

belize beer

Belikin Beer tractor at the old distributor across from Island Academy

belikin beer sign belize

You can find beer and 5 gallon water jugs at most stores in town

san pedro belize

Coke tractor delivery at Los Caminantes store

bottled water belize water

Crystal water delivery at a local tienda


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