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Belize Immigration

Belize Tourist Card

This is the easiest way to spend time in Belize. You can get a one month entry card when you land in Belize (or when you drive over the border from one of the neighboring countries). The first Belize Tourist Card installment is free and valid for thirty (30) days. After 30 days, your Belize Tourist Card can be renewed by a Belize immigration officer, who will charge you U.S. $25 per month for the first three months. After this, you will need to pay the immigration officer U.S. $50 a month for the next nine months. When your stay in Belize exceeds three months, you should have an AIDS test which is performed in Belize, although this rule is not strictly enforced.

Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) Program

The QRP program is aimed at attracting retirees to consider retiring in Belize. In order to qualify for the Qualified Retired Persons program, you (or your partner) must be at least 45 years of age and you must be able to prove a minimum amount of income.

Official Belize Permanent Resident

You must live in Belize continuously for one year before you may apply for an official Belize Permanent Resident status. During this period, you may not leave Belize for more than fourteen (14) consecutive days. The fee due for your Official Belize Permanent Resident status vary according to your nationality. Currently, the cost varies between U.S. $250 and U.S. $5.000.

Visa for Belize

Citizens of certain countries need to get a visa if they want to visit Belize. A visa is the entrance permit to the country issued by the consular body of Belize.

This information has been provided by Guide to Belize and is reprinted here with their permission. You can see the original page here. Copyright for this information remains with

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