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I will be working remotely and i will be in a place with shared wifi. I need to have a laptop running and make calls 30-40 calls back to the US daily. I don’t know much about technology. I was planning to use wifi for my laptop and get on the new 4G mifi booster? I have one I just bought in the states so, do i go to the Smart office in San Pedro and pay for service and make calls through that wifi on a VOIP? Can someone please tell me exactly what I need to do? I am sorry I am just confused by all the VOIP choices etc. I was looking at Magic Jack but ended up getting the Vonage Box.

If you are using shared wifi where you are staying, you should be fine. I recommend bringing an extra phone and buy a simm card for it in Belize for non-VOIP phone calls its way cheaper than using your USA plan....

So if I have an old iPhone I should bring it with me and have them put a Sim card in it for Belize? and do you think the Vonage box will work well to make VOIP calls? Also since shared wifi Is it best to bring the mifi with me and pay for extra internet services so I can get 4G?

I’d try it first before getting extra services, you can always add them if you see the need.

YES on the old iPhone, and the vonage box should work!

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Comment By Elizabeth Cecelski - Mon, May 28th, 2018 6:03 PM
Why do you say to bring old Iphone? Can’t I just use my current Iphone and switch out the SIM card? I am off contract. That is what I do in other countries. Hi Elizabeth, bringing an old phone is for folks who want to keep their current phone operative. yes Its fine to switch the SIM card out like you mention. Have fun!
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