11 Reasons Why To Choose Belize, as Your Destination Vacation

(1) English Speaking

(2) United States Dollars widely accepted in Belize - ease of exchange ($1 USD equal to $2 BZD)

(3) 1 Hr/45 Minutes from Miami and 2 Hrs from Houston International Airports

(4) Sub-Tropical weather all year long

(5) Second Largest Barrier Reef in the world

(6) Among some of the top snorkeling & diving sites globally

(7) Hol Chan Marine Reserve & Shark Ray Alley, rated the best animal dives in all the Caribbean

(8) Government stability

(9) Over 40% of the country has been converted to national parks

(10) Incredible things to see, do & experience - Cultural diversity, a culinary buffet, a magic kingdom, right at your fingertips.

(11) Friendliest people on earth

Are you packing?!

Photo by Olivera Rusu

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