What internet services are available on the island?

Folks needing internet service in the town center can use any of the locations listed below. Rates at the  shops vary. They have email services, web browsing, all your internet needs and refreshments to drink also! High speed connectivity is widespread, DSL is available from BTL and satellite connectivity is also possible.

Using BTL, web service is a real quick deal for local service, once you have a phone line. You apply for your account, pay and within 2 hours you can access E-mail and the Internet.

Here is some information on BTL’s internet services:

BTL’s Internet and E-mail service provides you with the flexibility to surf the worldwide web and stay in touch with families, friends and businesses wherever they may be. As a dial-up Internet customer, you are able to track Internet usage at www.btl.net .
BTL’s High Speed Internet Service (Using DSL Technology)
BTL’s High Speed Internet service available in the following areas: Belize City, Belmopan, Benque Viejo del Carmen, Caye Caulker, Ladyville, Placencia/ Seine Bight, San Ignacio/Santa Elena, and San Pedro. Dial-Up Internet
Dial-up Internet service requires a phone line, an Internet ready computer, and an Internet account. A Dial-up Internet account allows you to get a free btl.net E-mail address. Internet access is provided via a toll free number. To use a Dial-up Internet account, you dial the number 144.

 For home internet I opted for a standard 2MB plan at $130 BZD and I pay $39.99 BZD for 2 gigs worth on my nexus phone. That gives me a combined monthly bill of $179.99. I get bill notifications by text and email and I pay online using Atlantic Bank.

If you are considering internet for your smart phone and you want to know how much data you should buy, click through to use the handy Digicell data calculator. By estimating how many monthly emails, social media posts, minutes streaming videos watched and songs downloaded you can get an idea of how many gigs you should get.

* Deposit/internet service charges are non taxable

Click through for more Digicell plans and pricing.

If you need internet while on vacation and are good with your phone most businesses will share their password, you can also get 1h per day free at Central Park in town. There are also a few internet cafe’s that charge by the hour, should you need a sit down computer option.

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