Is there a way to ask questions in an online forum or message board?

Yes, we have a very active message board here on

Click here  ( to get right there....

How do I post on the forum"

go to the board at , and use your user name and case sensitive password to login.

first enter one of the sections or forums, like "about ambergris caye" or "living in Belize". once you enter a forum, there is a NEW TOPIC buttonupper leftish in blue, to add a new topic. to
reply to an already existing topic, hit the "Topic Options" drop down menu that is on a blue tab near the top of the page. do the drop down thing on that menu option til you see "New Reply" .... or scroll to the bottom of the page there whould be a blank area there for a reply if you are logged in....

here’s the FAQ...

  1. Looking for RELIABLE TRUSTWORTHY babysitting/nanny service for up to full day while parents are diving off Ambergris Caye. Yes see here:

  2. On Ambergris Caye, is there any place to surf? where can I rent surfboards? No not really. the reef would eat your skin up

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