Moving furniture, household to Belize

Hello - can you tell me how I move my furniture from Belize City to San Pedro and how much it will cost. I do have my QRP status and wondered if it would be worth moving it over?

Try Crystal Shipping and if they can’t, ask them who can. I assume this is furniture you will have shipped down from where you live into Belize.

Hi Marty. I have a question for you. We are moving there in January and are not really comfortable with the shipping company we have been talking to. Do you know anyone that has moved there recently and shipped their household/personnel stuff. We need it shipped internationally from New England to Belize City then on to the Island. We have already packed and stored half our stuff and the last company we spoke with wants to open our boxes and repack everything. We have also read about shipping scams. We just want our stuff to arrive safely and in a reasonable amount of time.
Do you have any suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated. 

Hi, have you tried Krystal Shipping? They are in San Pedro.
here are numbers i have 501-226-3437, 501 226 2089
Fax: 501 226 2517
MASH hardware in San Pedro might have other numbers if those don’t work.. I’d ask their opinion and see what they can do, and what they have to say... they are very experienced at this...


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