What’s the best way to have things shipped purchased online from major retailers (department stores or Amazon) directly to Belize?

Use a freight forwarding company, like Easy Shipping to Belize (on Facebook). Purchase your items at Amazon, or wherever, have it sent to Easy Shipping, who then transports it to Belize, and in their case (and other companies), takes care of dealing with Belize Customs, and delivers the items to your door. What you may be used to with Amazon of one to two day delivery, is translated into one to two months - if your timing with the shipping schedules matches. It could be longer, seldom shorter. Of course, you could use FedEx, or DHL, but you’ll pay for that quick service. I wouldn’t rely on UPS down here for anything larger than an envelope. They’re track record is abysmal.

Arrow Shipping out of Spanish Lookout ships every 2 weeks from Arlington, TX. You can ship items directly to their facility in TX and they will load onto their next shipment. Reasonably priced. Call them for more details at 615-2350. You buy on line, deliver to their address in Arlington and about 2 weeks later it arrives. They can deliver or you can get Speedy to collect.

Ebay can ship to your Belize PO Box. Usually free shipping.

Many folks use Belize Concierge, no problems and they deliver right to your door.

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