Which shipping company do you use to shop from America to Belize?

Cayo Cargo ...my stuff usually reach in 2 weeks..and they drop your shipment at the door...doesnt matter which part of Belize you live.

Joseph Freight & Belize Concierge Los Angeles. JF is faster but I love that BCS takes payment installments

In Chicago the one an only Gongora , we been sending our stuff with him for over 15yrs an he never disappoint.

In Philadelphia, I’ve used Twenty Cadena . He’s very reliable. Picks up at your door here and delivers at the door in Belize.

From New York, Star Caribbean or Cayo Cargo .

Belize Freight in New Orleans, LA. They pick up from my door in nola and deliver to the recipient door in bz. they’d pass through Atlanta on their way to Belize.

Myers Shipping here in Atlanta. They typically deliver to port in about 2 weeks...wish they did door to door.

Seabreeze Giftshop in LA.. California

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