How can I schedule tours of the area?

There are many beautiful tours in the land of the Mundo Maya. This incredible civilization left huge remains that are accessible through incredible jungle forest. Many types of birds, reptiles, and plants and flowers of incredible diversity await you.
 Bring your binoculars, and get some good ones. With this once in a lifetime treat, you will not want to miss anything! Take a walk through the pyramids of the Yucatan, and marvel at the wonders of this advanced civilization. Click here ( for a look at the trip up the New River to the large Maya settlement of Lamanai.

Jungle trips to the mainland, dive trips to the atolls, experience the Belize Zoo, tour wildlife sanctuaries, the land of the Maya calls. Here is based a large repository of information on these tours. Photo galleries, and websites for the guides who will get you there.

Click here (

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