Can you get property insurance on a wooden house on the Caye? If so, through which company??

RF&G won’t insure wooden structures on the Caye, some have contents insurance thru RFG if it was grandfathered in from a longstanding policy, if you let it lapse, you won’t get insurance again. Very few insurance company insure wooden structures on the island. If they do it would cost a lot of money. You could check with Atlantic Insurance (next to the bank on Caye Caulker) and also with ICB to see if they will insure wooden structures on the Caye. Also plan on paying around $36 per 1000 insured. 

Try Atlantic, RFG wouldn’t insure mine nine years ago. It costs $2000 usd a year. Home Protectors Insurance also charges that same amount, a friend signed up last year on a wooden house.

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