Gender-Based Violence resources in San Ignacio Town

Seek for help at the below GBV resources in the San Ignacio Town:

Women’s Department – Department of Human Services
Joseph Andrews Drive
Telephone: (501) 804-2098
Women’s development officer: Elyn Cerano

Domestic Violence Unit – Police Department
#1 King St., San Ignacio Town, Cayo
Telephone: 911
(501) 804-2022
Corporal 353 attached to domestic violence: Sheena Jones

Youth for the Future, Department of Youth Services
Corner of Eve St. and Peter August St., Santa Elena Town, Cayo
Telephone: (501) 804-0540
Youth Empowerment Coordinator 1: Moresia Gentle

San Ignacio Hospital, Health Department
Bullet Tree Rd., San Ignacio Town, Cayo
Telephone: (501) 804-2066, 2761, 3129, 2122
Social Worker: Emma Gabriel

Mary Open Doors
1 Church St.
Telephone: (501) 804-4562
Founder and president of the board: Anna Silva

Cornerstone Foundation
27 Far West St., San Ignacio Town, Cayo
Cellphone: 667-0210
Director: Rita Defour

San Ignacio Gender-Based Violence Committee
Chair: Cpl. Sheena Jones
Phone #: 634-7078

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