Is there an organization to go to for spousal abuse in Belize?

Women and children who are victims of Spousal Abuse can go to Haven House where they are accommodated for 3 weeks during which time they are counselled and assisted in getting court ordered Restraining Orders and in getting employment. If the situation warrants it the abused person/family are transferred to one of two transition houses where counselling and employment assistance continues for a further 3 months. These services are provided free of charge and can be accessed through the Department of Womens Affairs or directly through the Executive Director Dorla Rosado. To date these services have been accessed by abused persons ranging from indigent persons to persons in the very highest levels ( and I mean the HIGHEST LEVELS) of Belizean Society.

The locations of the main Haven House and the two transition houses are safe and secure and not public knowledge.

There is also Mary Open Doors in San Ignacio.

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