Are there Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in San Pedro?

*During Covid-19, go to and there is listed a meeting every night at 7:30*

Currently there are three AA groups in San Pedro.
* The Bilingual group meets every night at #5 Boca del Rio Drive at 6:00 PM.
* A Spanish speaking group (Ultramar) meets Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 7:30 PM at the San Pablo Catholic Church and also practices the Narcotics Anonymous program.
* The English speaking group meets in the Rectory of the Catholic Church across from Central Park on Tuesday and Friday at noon.

Anyone seeking help for alcohol or drug addiction may call 627-1585 or come to any of the above listed meetings.

Here’s a link for Belize Alcoholics Anonymous meetings....

  1. There are 2 English speaking meetings in Corozal Tuesday noon and Friday 7:30 AM These are held upstairs above the garage behind St. Xavier Catholic Church. For info call Anne 622-2214

  2. AA in Seign Bight: Wednesday, 12:30, contact Steve, 610-1399AA/NA in Placencia Village: Friday, 5:30 pm

  3. AA meetings in San Ignacio, Cayo Belize. Saturdays at 11am at the Sacred Heart Catholic church. In the meeting room. Tourists should take a taxi, easy to get lost. Phone: Dana at 501 665 0405

  4. are their aa meetings in belize? Thank you yes see

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