Where can i find a weather forecast?

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There is a daily forecast for the island at http://SanPedroDaily.com/weather.html, and weather maps and general Belize forecasts at https://ambergriscaye.com/pages/town/weather3.html. Also, you can ask on the message board at https://ambergriscaye.com/messages/ .

Hurricane and mass weather lins are at:

Thanks to Chris at Sailsports Belize there is now a site on the internet where you can get a live weather report (updated every minute during business hours) and weather history from the island. Chris recently installed the weather station and now has it transmitting data to his website at http://www.sailsportsbelize.com/sailingarea/History_Vantage_Pro2.htm

The closest National Data Buoy to San Pedro (Station 42056 - Yucatan Basin -
19.87 N 85.06 W (19°52’27" N 85°03’ 33" W))- http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=42056

Here is a link to the Astrum Helicopter weather station located at Mile 3.5 Western Higway.

Additionally, here is the link to Belize Communication and Security (BCSL)weather station on the Pine Ridge.

Pretty much every chart on the planet - http://crownweather.com/tropical.html

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