Where can i go shopping?

Everybody goes home with something from Belize. Shopping is as diverse as the country but don’t expect glitz and glitter. Do expect an incredible array of hand-carved slate, woodcarvings, baskets, world-class hot sauces and jungle healing potions. Many depart wearing their new "You Better Belize It" T-shirts. When you leave Belize, there are duty-free shops in the airport departure lounge. The biggest assortment of gifts, souvenirs and luxury items is in Belize City.

Ambergris Caye has a wealth of gift buying opportunities. Strolling down the main street with sand between your toes you will be surprised at the range of small shops and boutiques. Click here (https://ambergriscaye.com/pages/goodscv/goodsvc.html) for a list of businesses who have webpages.

The shops are open til 9 or 10, sun goes down about 6, 6:30, then one can go to dinner, and after dinner you can wander around town, and all the shops are open, there is plenty of time to shop after dark. Have fun!!!

A word of caution. One is not allowed to leave Belize with certain items. These include pre-Columbian articles, marine products (unless permitted by the Fisheries Department), unprocessed coral or turtle shells.

There are a number of small grocery stores on the island.

Online shopping is available at: http://miva.islandbazaar.net/Merchant2/merchant.mv?

There is more information on shopping on Ambergris Caye at:

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