Where can you get electronics, refrigerators, freezers, etc. repaired in San Pedro?

There is a shop called Lopez Repair Shop behind Capt. Sharks. It is a family run business - AND GOOD PEOPLE! They came to my house and in a half an hour had my 42" TV working. Charged me $40.00. They looked at my Frost Free Freezer that was full of frost and said they could fix it with tools they didn't bring with them. After more conversation we agreed to left them take the big TV to their shop and make some fine tuned adjustments. They had it back in an hour and a half and their tools for the freezer. The mother runs the money end and the father is teaching the two young adult boys the repair business. It is called LOPEZ REPAIR SHOP. They said they can work on anything electrical. NO YOU CAN NOT ALWAYS REPLACE SOMETHING FOR LESS THAN THE COST OF REPAIR. 

He fixed my tv, my washing machine and even my tv remote and he did a good job and cheap. Everything still working perfectly.

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