What is it like visiting folks held in Hattieville Central Prison?

From a friend....

I just left the Belize Central Prison. I escorted a lady friend to visit her daughter. The young lady’s case was not in the news so I am not going to mention names or the circumstances of her imprisonment.

When you get there you have to unload everything. No hats, cash, phones, shades, etc. The mom brought food goodies which were thoroughly checked by two people. I used mt Belize driver’s licence as i.d. which they kept while I was inside. We were given a very thorough search. They really check you out and the woman searching my friend gave her boobs a good squeeze. We were then escorted by a male prisoner through a maze of fences across the facility for a walk of several minutes to the women’s area. Good luck trying to get out of there, you get lost before you could ever get out. There are more than a few feral cats running around.

Women are allowed to wear street clothes but the men are not, they wear orange jumpsuits. Women are kept two to a cell that is about 20ft. by 10ft. although they are allowed to mingle in a large area during the day. We talked to her through a fence. You are allowed to touch through the fence. We were allowed to visit fior 15 minutes. Then they let the mother meet her for a quick hug at a near by doorway. Only women can hug the women there, no men. Too bad because I woudn’t have minded given this one a good squeeze.

Obviously they don’t allow cameras which is too bad because it’s a really interesting place.

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