Gender-Based Violence resources in Belize City

GBV resources in Belize City:

Domestic Violence Unit - Police Department
#9 Queen St., Belize City
Telephone: (501) 223-1080
Hotline: 0 800 292 9688
Martha Reese

Family (Magistrate) Court
Bishop St, Belize City, Belize
Telephone: (501) 227-4107
Intake officers

Haven House
Home basis
Cellphone: 630-4839
Director: Mindy Tratt
*Referral basis- from Women’s Department and/or Domestic Violence Unit

Ministry of Education
Mahogany St., Belize City
Telephone: (501) 203-0473
Education officer: Erica Clother

Gender Based Violence Committee
Chair: Erica Clother
Cell phone: 634-1229
Cell phone: 629-7890

Young Women’s Christian Association
Corner St. Thomas Street & Freetown Road, Belize City, Belize C.A
Tel: 501-203-4971, 822-0472

Women’s Department – Department of Human Services
26 Albert St, Belize City, Belize
Telephone: (501) 227-7397
Human Development coordinator: Taheerah Usher

Youth Enhancement Services
Cleopatra White Compound, Princess Margaret Drive, Belize City
Telephone: (501) 203-0970
Director: Karen Cain

National Women’s Commission
33 Regent/Dean Sts., Belize City
Telephone: (501) 223-4284

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