Has anyone used the Bus from Cancun to Belize, or know anything about it? Any ideas as to how much it costs?

Starting From Cancun arrivals terminal, ADO travel to Belize City leaves at 7:30 pm daily from the Bus Terminal on Collet Canal. You have to purchase ticket at the terminal so arrive an hour or so early. Cost was $79.00 BZD one way 2 years ago. Arrives Cancun about dawn all things being equal. The buses are very comfortable with electric chargers for your phones, movies and everything.

You can get one of those small mini-buses from the Airport to the ADO Bus terminal.

Just checked... ADO fare Cancun to Belize City is Mexican pesos 840.  There is an ADO bus service also from Cancun Airport to the downtown bus terminal which costs MXP 72.

The buses they use on the trip are far better quality and comfort than anything they use in the USA, I was amazed at how nice they are.

Below is from a friend:

We are travelling Cologne, Germany to Cancun on 22 October.  The flight arrives late, so we always stay that night at the Hotel Plaza Caribe in downtown Cancun (www.hotelplazacaribe.com), which is directly opposite the ADO bus terminal.  The rate for a double room is MXPeso 853 per night.  Its a nice hotel with restaurant and swimming pool.  Busses to Belize depart early morning about 07.00 or 07.30 and at night 22.15.  We always take the 22.15 bus (MXPeso 840), which gets into Belize City (pound Yard) at about 06.30.  If the bus is full, then immigration on both the Mexican and Belizean sides at Chetumal can take a while.


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