How do you get a golf cart permit?

Technically you need to reside in Belize for 12 months before applying but have know people to get them much earlier than that. You go to you local Dept of Transportation, they give you a list of questions to study and come back on the appointed day that they give the test. All the questions they give you are on the terst so just memorize them. Bring passport photos and pay the fee.

For a golf cart license, I know people who have done it immediately after arriving on the island. They were not even asked if they live here or if they had a license elsewhere (which they do not). They just handed in their photos and fee for their ’learners permit’ then after a few weeks was able to take their written test for their license. 

I believe if you have a US license, you can skip the ’learners permit’ stage and take your written test right away.

After three months here, you have to get a Belizean driver’s license. That is what I was told by the traffic department. I got my license a short time after moving here because I wanted to apply for a vehicle permit - and you must have a license to apply for a vehicle permit.

The confusing thing is this. The traffic department who deals with your drivers license is not the same department who deals with your permit.

The traffic department that deals with your license used to be downstairs in the town hall. They have moved recently and I am not sure where to. The traffic department that deals with your vehicle permit is above the library for now.

You will need to get a permit if you are buying a vehicle or bringing one on to the island. Just be prepared and be patient. We applied for ours in November and it hasn’t been dealt with yet.

If you have a valid drivers license you skip the learners part and take the test. If you pass you get the license the same day, no waiting.

As long as you only need a golf cart permit it shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain a permit. If you buy your cart from Captain Sharks they help you get the permit.

Also, a Belize Drivers license is considered valid if you are in the States. 

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