How long /number of days can a USA citizen stay/visit before having to notify the Belize government and file immigration papers?

Every 30 days you go to immigration and pay to stay another month. You can also renew for 2-3 months at a time. You have to be sure you tell them so they will fill out 2-3 papers for you to pay. Check your passport before you leave immigration. Some people regularly renew for 3 months. A friend said when they were there getting their last one they had been going every 30 days for 6 montha they then said get the 3 month one next time.

Many people have stayed for years by just renewing their visas every month. You just go to your local immigration office. (there is one in most major towns)

Belize City: Main Office
Orange Walk: Main Office
Corozal Main: Office
Dangriga Main: Office
Belmopan Head: Office
San Pedro: Port Office
Independence: Port Office

After six months, they may insist that you obtain a work permit to remain, however this can be circumvented should you be able to produce bank statements with large sums in them to show you will not become a burden on the state.

The cost is 50bz for the first 6 months, 100bz thereafter. 

You can leave the country during that time, but you lose the months that you paid for. So really know your schedule before you get multiple months.

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