Retiring in Belize

If you are considering Retiring in Belize, then this article is for you. We have written a number of articles on information on Belize that you may be interested in. We have articles on moving to Belize. There are articles on immigration, prices, etc. And, because we know you won’t be retiring in Belize until you have visited, you could be interested in our thoughts on “trying before retiring in Belize” aswell.

Below is a collection of our articles on each of these subjects. Please feel free to contact us, if your question about retiring in Belize is not handled. Our aim is to make this page a valuable guide to retiring in Belize, so your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Information on Belize

  • Where is Belize: One of the most asked questions is where this little obscure country called Belize is located.
  • History of Belize: Learn about Belize’s Mayan past, it’s history as a British colony or Belize’s independence.
  • Political Conditions: The government of a country you are considering retiring to can have a large impact on your decisions. Learn about the Belize political conditions in this article.
  • Belize Economy: From a nation thriving on forestry to a prime tourist destination. Industries include cane sugar production, citrus fruits, bananas and seafood. Learn about the Belize economy here.
  • Taxes in Belize: Just how much will you need to give to the government in the form of taxes? Low takes will decrease your cost of living, so it is important to give taxes some consideration.
  • Belize Dollar: Learn about the Belize Dollar currency and how it is tied to the United States Dollar.
  • Belize – Guatemalan Border Dispute: Unresolved to this day, is a claim from Guatemala on a section of Belize.
  • Weather: Will you like the Belize climate? What is the temperature like? How much rainfall is there, and when are the rainy seasons? What about hurricanes? Or earthquakes?

Trying before retiring in Belize

  • Videos about Belize: We have collected a large number of videos about Belize, that give an excellent indication of what you may expect when you arrive in Belize.
  • Fly to Belize: We will provide information on what airlines will fly to Belize and at what airport you will be arriving on your international flight. In addition, we have listed domestic airlines in Belize.
  • Electricity voltage in Belize: Don’t destroy your electric and electronic equipment by just plugging into the Belize electricity grid. Always ensure that the voltage and frequency is compatible with your device.
  • ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) in Belize: Belize is a largely cash economy, so you’ll need to have access to your funds in your bank account. In Belize, there isn’t an ATM machine on every street corner, you’ll need to know just where to look.
  • Belize Car Rental: Renting a car can be the ideal way of getting around. Note that Belize Cars can be expensive, we’ll help you find a good deal.

Immigration into Belize

  • Belize Immigration: You have a number of options as to how you wish to enter Belize, including a Belize Tourist Card, or a Visa for Belize.
  • Customs: Declaring Cash: There is a limit to the amount of cash that you may take with you into the country. It doesn’t matter what currency the cash is in. To prevent delays at customs, it may be advisable to stay below this limit and use ATM machines instead.

Retiring in Belize

  • Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) Program: If you qualify for the QRP program, you have fast-track access to retiring in Belize. The requirements are fairly simple to meet, restrictions include age, income and no employment within Belize.
  • Official Belize Permanent Resident: You can choose to apply for an official Belize permanent resident. This process takes quite some time (including the requirement to stay within Belize for one year prior to your application being accepted), but there are some advantages and disadvantages when compared to the QRP program.
  • Belize Domestic Bank Addresses: You’ll want to set up a bank account when you decide to retire to Belize. We have created a list of the domestic banks that you can use.
  • Prices: We have a number of articles on the costs when living in Belize. They range from car rental (should you decide you won’t buy), to electricity costs and internet access prices.
  • High Speed Internet Availability: In order to stay connected with friends and family, a high speed internet link is needed. This isn’t as straightforward or cheap as it sounds in Belize, but fortunately there are some options to consider.

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