What Do Things Cost in Belize?

There is a Spanish named brand here in Belize that I bought once and tried. I did not much care for it. So it is Kraft Mac and Cheese for me.

People ask, what do groceries and things cost in Belize? Well this week I had to go grocery shopping to pick up a few groceries, so I thought this would be a good time to give you an idea of what some things cost here in San Pedro, Belize. In a previous post "Belize, A Day in My Life", I talked with you about where I do a lot of my shopping. We tend buy and eat both America and Belizean products. Of course most Belizean products will be cheaper than US products and things are going to be more expensive on Ambergris Caye where we live than the mainland.

One reason why we shop at several stores is to be able to find certain things we want. One store may carry a certain butter I buy and another store may carry the meat that I like to buy. Going to 3 and sometime more stores to get everything I need is not unusual. Then I still have to go to the Belikin Distributor to pick up my 5 gallon bottles of water and Maria’s Fruit and Vegetable stand to get the fruits and veggies we like.

The last four months we had been doing all of our shopping by walking or biking to the store. We have bikes with baskets on them so that does help when we have heavier items to carry. Normally we would have to go buy what we need from one store and then bring it home and drop it off at the house. Then we would head back out to the next store. However, this week we received our permit for our golf cart and we can now use the cart when we have lots of shopping to do.

Here are some of the items that I purchased this week (5/2012):

Prices are in Belize dollars below: So prices below would be half of that in US dollars (It is $2.00BZ dollars to $1.00US)

Morton Salt $2.95
Kraft Velveeta Cheese $11.25
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter-Light $11.98
Caribbean Orange Juice $3.95
Philadelphia Cream Cheese $6.50
Hummus (made in Belize) $10.50
Garlic Spread and Seasoning (made in Belize) $3.50
Toasted Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette (made in Belize) $9.80
Fabuloso $3.98
Roma Laundry Detergent $8.50
Kraft Mac and Cheese $2.75
Pringles $4.30
Bubble Gum Lollipops (these are for the kids in town, not me) $9.00
Mueller’s Wholegrain Pasta $6.95
Sunkist Diet Drink and Diet 7Up $1.75
Sausage Factory Canadian Bacon (made in Belize) $9.95
Sausage Factory Country Breakfast Sausage (made in Belize) $12.50
Running W Brand Cooked Salami (made in Belize) $6.75
Running W Brand Boneless Ham Slices (made in Belize) $7.85
Goya Spanish Olives $4.95
Patio Frozen Burrito $2.65
All Purpose White Flour (made in Belize) $10.50
Lerskaa Vodka (made in Belize) $18.95
Nail Polish Remover $4.00
5 Gallon Bottle of water $3.50
1 case of Belikin (24 bottles) $49.55
1 case of Diet Cokes (24 bottles) $34.60

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