What does it take to get my Belize driver’s license?

First a written test that must be studied...not the same as US rules. Then, a driving test. All administered bottom floor of the Town Hall. The written test had a lot of question which street had yield to which on the round abouts in Belize City. Unfair for us in San Pedro.

You're actually supposed to be on a Belize Driver's license after living here for 3 months. Go to traffic department at Town Council for your guide and test.

If you have a valid US drivers license you can simply show it and get a Belizean one (you’ll get a paper and need a doctor to sign off on eye exam). If your US license is expired you’ll get a permit for 30 days and take a written/driving test. Your license will say what type of vehicle you can drive, standard, automatic, golf cart, etc.

Just got my Belize license last week in Dangriga. Need the application with medical exam. My US license had expired. Gave them a photocopy of expired US license, photocopy of passport page, photocopy of PR stamp, photocopy of Belize SS card. Also needed 2 photos, even though they take an additional photo. 210 BZD for 3 years.

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