What information do you have on the electrical system?

It is the same as the U.S. The standard service voltage is 110 and/or 220 volts, 60 cycles. Power is provided to the country by Belize Electricity Limited which supplies both households and businesses. Service is fair and it is necessary for hotels wanting to deliver luxury class service to install backup generators. Continuity of electricity is between 90% and 95%. At 22-33 US cents per KWH, electricity rates in Belize are well below the average and less than half the highest rate charged in the Caribbean.


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Ambergris Caye power comes in from an undersea cable that feeds to the southern tip of the island then runs north to the station in town where it is stepped down, from there it is distributed north and south.
The power that comes to Belize is taken from the Xul-Ha substation in the state if Quintana Roo.  This substation is about 10 miles west of Chetumal. The High Voltage line is energize at 115KV (115,000 volts).  This line runs from the northern border, crossing the river by the New Bridge in Santa Elena, and goes un interrupted up to the Mile 8 Substation in the Western Highway.  All this line runs overhead and it passes behind Corozal Town and Orange Walk Town.  From Orange Walk it takes the old northern Highway and passes by Maskal.  At Maskal the line is tapped into and it feeds a substation that steps down the voltage to 33KV (33,000 volts).  This current is taken overhead and goes to the coastline passing through the village of Bomba.  From the coastline it is taken to San Pedro though a Submarine Armored Cable to the tip of the South end of San Pedro.  From Boca Chica it comes overhead to the San Pedro substation behind the power plant.  In the San Pedro Substation the current is stepped down to 22KV (22,000 volts).
Currently (5/2011) the power runs from town to Tranquility Bay Resort, about 13 miles.

Here is the most recent information on the road north....

  1. Can anyone tell me if the power lines are up and running that were going north of San Pedro. I know the poles were up last spring but had no power lines at that time?

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