What is the cheapest way to get to Belize?

The cheapest way to get to Belize is usually not to fly to Belize but to fly to Cancun (or sometimes Cozumel/Playa del Carmen) and then bus from there. There are many charter flights into Cancun from the U.S., Canada and even Europe, often at fares that are one-third to one-half what they are into Belize. From Cancun or Playa del Carmen, you can take a bus to Chetumal (four and a half to six hours and US$15 or less for a nice, comfortable reserved seat, with air conditioning and videos).

Maya Island Air will start flying to Cancun, Guatemala City, and Honduras next month. The airline announced that it is going regional on July 8th. That’s when the airline will begin flying two return trips to Cancun daily and daily roundtrips to San Pedro Sula Honduras and Guatemala City.

There is a new boat between San Pedro (Ambergris Diver’s Dock) and Chetumal (Chetumal Municipal Pier) started Oct 30 2009. It leaves San Pedro at 8:30 for Chetumal and returns at 3pm. It is run by San Pedro Belize Express price US$20 one way. For more information call Belize 226-3535 or 223-2225.

At times we get inquiries about flights from Cancun to Chetumal.

It is easy to get to Cancun on holiday charter flights, but also easy to get to Cancun from Mexico city. Mexico city has many international connections, so people coming from Europe now have a way to get to Belize without all the eye scanning, fingerprinting, lack of transit facilities, and just general chaos that having to travel through the USA, when you don’t actually want to go there at all, generates.

Here is one person’s itinerary for this trip, put together in May 2003.

I am piecing together information from this Forum concerning traveling by bus from Cancun to Corozal, and by air to San Pedro. The following schedules are for a Friday departure and a Thursday return. This is what I’ve come across so far.
Cancun - Chetumal: Uno Bus departs Cancun at 00:15 (Daily) arriving in Chetumal 4 hours later. Returning from Chetumal to Cancun at 18:30.
Price: 280 Pesos / $28US

Chetumal - Corozal: Batty Brothers Premier departs at 6:30 am (or maybe Novelo?) Might be better, as one article suggests, to take a taxi rather than a bus (~$25US), in that, if I were to take a bus, I would still need to get from the Corozal Bus Station to the Corozal Airstrip.
Price: $3.00 Takes about 1 hour.

Corozal - San Pedro: Maya Air departs at 7:30, 9:30, 10:30, 13:30, 15:30
Tropic Air departs at 7:30, 9:30, 11:30, 15:30, 17:30
Returning Flights: Tropic Air: 7:00, 9:00, 11:00, 15:00, 17:00
Maya Island Air: 7:00, 10:30, 13:30, 16:30.
Price: $70-(RT).

It appears as if it is quite possible to leave Cancun just after midnight and arrive in San Pedro around 8:00 am, just in time for morning coffee, theoretically.

There is no scheduled air or boat service from Mexico to San Pedro. It is possible to hire a small boat in the village of Xcalak or elsewhere to take you to San Pedro, where there is an immigration and customs agent for those arriving by water. One operator in Xcalak which can handle travel between San Pedro and Xcalak is XTC Dive center (www.xcalak.com.mx).
Most travelers, however, will come through the border at Chetumal and Corozal. To get to San Pedro, you have three options:

1) Transfer to a Novelo’s or other bus in Chetumal, cross the border - the bus waits as you go through both Mexican and Belizean customs and immigration - then go to Corozal town and continue down the Northern Highway (around US$5 and three hours) to Belize City, and from there take a water taxi (see below) to San Pedro.

2) You can take a ferry from Corozal directly to San Pedro. Some hotels in Corozal and San Pedro sell tickets, or you can purchase them at the departure piers.

3) Take a taxi to the Coro airstrip and fly to San Pedro, a trip that takes about 25 minutes. There is one flight every hour, and it is $47/way. children are a little cheaper.

The George & Esther Travel Service can help you greatly with your trip in this area. See http://gettransfers.com They specialize in fast and reliable travel services within Belize and neighbouring cities in Mexico. They have a licensed, bi-lingual tour guide ready to fill you in on the historic and natural beauties of Belize. In addition, they are knowledgeable of trans-border requirements, and as such, you can be at ease knowing someone will take care of these sometimes burdensome details for cross border travel. They can also help you book your hotel room, as well as, book your flight with local air-couriers.

George and Esther Morales Tours offers transfers from many places in the Yucatan Peninsula and Belize. In Cancun they are not allowed to do pickups at the airport, though they can do dropoffs there. Pickups in Cancun are at Hotel Novotel (Tel 998-884-2999) or on Av. Tulum 75, SM 22 or any other hotel that you might request.

If you are coming to Belize from Mexico, they are experienced in assisting you in getting across the border from Mexico into Belize, and they can answer most questions you might have about the process.

To schedule your transfer with George and Esther Morales Travel, you can email them at gettransfers@btl.net, go to their website at: http://www.gettransfers.com/ , or call them at 501-422-2485 & 501-422-3511 .

Belize VIP Transfers (the Menzie’s) has been offering transfers from Cancun to Belize for the past 30 years. You can check their reasonable prices on their web site at http://www.belizetransfers.com.

For an inter island ferry, see http://www.cayecaulkerwatertaxi.com/

Caye Caulker Water Taxi Schedule

Schedule and Departures

We have scheduled daily departures to and from Belize City, Caye Caulker and San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

  • Belize City Terminal: #10 North Front Street at the Foot of the historic Swing Bridge
  • Caye Caulker: At the Main Pier
  • San Pedro: Texaco Marina in San Pedro

Adult Prices

Belize City to Caye CaulkerBelize City to San Pedro
$10.00 US
one way
$15.00 US
one way
$17.50 US
round trip
$27.50 US
round trip

Children Prices

Belize City to Caye CaulkerBelize City to San Pedro
$5 US
one way
$7.50 US
one way
$10 US
round trip
$15 US
round trip

Caye Caulker Water Taxi Daily Schedule

Websites for the water taxi companies operating between Belize City & the cayes:

a) Caye Caulker Water Taxi Association:

b) San Pedro Belize Express:

c) San Pedro Water Jets Express:

  1. Prices have gone up some since this was posted but they are still not bad. BTW there is an ADO shuttle from the Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen. Sense the airport is south of Cancun this is a better option. A bus from there to Belize City is about $45 US.

  2. I took an overnight bus from Cancun and then the water taxi from Corozal to Ambergris Caye in June 2007. This is definitely a cheap way to get there and we had no problems, except for lack of sleep caused by delays at the airport. Bring a sweater and some dramamine, the AC on the bus is uncomfortably cold and the water taxi ride can be choppy.

  3. I visited Belize last year and had a blast. I flew in via Cancun and was transported to Belize by a Belize VIP Transfer Services. Mr. Menzies picked me and my family up at the Cancun airport and brought me directly to Corozal to get my flight to the Islands. They were great, stopped me in Tulum to the the ruins and helped me trough the border. We couldn’t have asked for a better service.

  4. I went to Belize in 2003 and sincerely wish that this summary was available. I researched similar information for days and did not obtain this level of information. Although a bus right may not seem appropriate, it is better than waiting 5 hours in the Miami or Houston airports and / or the nightmare of traveling through Mexico City. A friend of mine advised me to do the bus trip. I didn't listen.

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