What is the crime rate?

In general, whenever you’re traveling in an unfamiliar country, stay alert. The residents of San Pedro realize that the island’s livelihood depends on the goodwill of its tourist (the mainstay of its economy), so crimes against visitors are rare. In any case, don’t take walks in unfamiliar areas at night, safeguard your possessions and never leave items unattended.

  1. We just returned from Ambergris Caye & had a fabulous time. Unfortunately on our first night there our travel partners were robbed. We had checked into our private home on the beach about 5 miles outside of SAN Pedro. We deposited our bags in our individual casitas. We were given no room keys. Our group walked down the beach to Rojo Lounge. Upon returning 2 backpacks had been missing. They contained laptops, cell phones, passports, cash, & credit cards. There was a fence with a gate by the casita that had been robbed. There was construction going on next door. The wallet (void of cash, but filled with credit cards still), and a few clothing articles were found a short distance from the fence & gate. The police were friendly, but its of the next 2 days were spent filing police reports & flying back to Belize City to get to the Embassey to obtain replacement passports. Beware! Make sure your items are secure & locked even if the staff tells you it is safe. This was apparently the first theft at this home.

  2. I have visited Ambergris Caye, San Pedro, Belize many times. Like anywhere, don‘t place yourself in wrong places and remember, nothing good ever happens after midnight. The people‘s lively hood depends on your spending. They are very friendly and hard working.

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